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Adobe Updates via AAM // Proxy-Probleme

Heute hatte ich mit dem Adobe Application Manager (kurz AAM) zu kämpfen. Alle Updates schlugen fehl, der Installer loggte den Error-Code U43M1D207. Nach kurzer Recherche scheint der Proxy das Problem zu sein. In den Adobe Supportforums erfährt man wie immer wenig darüber.. hauptsache der Update-Prozess ist hübsch in den AAM gewrappt. Hier der Workaround: Debug log … Continue reading Adobe Updates via AAM // Proxy-Probleme

RDS-Hosts and nested MSI-Installers

When Remote Desktop Session Host (= Terminalserver) Role is applied on a 2008R2 Server you may run into problems when installing programs that use nested MSIs. IBM-ClientAccess or LibreOffice are examples that match this issue. When a nested installer is started a progress bar “Windows Installer Coordinator” runs endless and the installation won´t complete.   … Continue reading RDS-Hosts and nested MSI-Installers

Offline-Installers for Java, Flash & Co.

When installing new XenApp-Farms without internet connection I always waste time in searching offline installers for several tools. So here are some useful links for you: Java Get the offline installer directly from oracle! It´s much easier here to get older versions etc. than using You may choose JRE for default installations, JDK … Continue reading Offline-Installers for Java, Flash & Co.