Offline-Installers for Java, Flash & Co.

When installing new XenApp-Farms without internet connection I always waste time in searching offline installers for several tools. So here are some useful links for you:


Get the offline installer directly from oracle! It´s much easier here to get older versions etc. than using

You may choose JRE for default installations, JDK is only only needed for developers. After choosing one of them you can select and download the offline installation file for your preffered platform (Windows (x86/x64), Linux (x86/x64) and even Mac).



The newest build of Flashplayer 11 (11.0 is out since mid of 2011) you can get by visiting the following link:

Be sure to get the ActiveX-Version for IE and/or the Plugin for other browsers.

If you need an MSI you can find it here:

To determine which version is currently installed on your system you can visit




For Shockwave player please visit the following_

You can check your installed version here:


Acrobat Reader

All native adobe products can be found on public adobe So download the newest adobe reader for windows here:

For example if your looking after adobe reader XI german for windows browse to

The MUI-Version can be found here