Show only specified icons in control panel

In most XenApp- or XenDesktop-deployments you may want to hide or show only specified items in control panel. The easiest way you can realize that is to enable the following policy in your user-policy:


User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Control Panel >> Show only specified icons in control panel


If you enable this setting all control panel icons will be removed. But in most cases you want to allow the user for example to change his wallpaper or configure his mouse and keyboard. So all you have to do is:


Click on „Show…“ in the selected policy



Fill in the list with the icons that you want to display.
You can do this either by adding the exact spell name like „Devices and Printers“ or using the specified canonical name. i would recommend to use the canonical names, cause if you´re using the exact name you may run into problems when running MUI-farms.



A list off all control panel icons and the matching canonical name you can find here:

Canonical Names of Control Panel Items –


After applying your policy users control panel will for example look like this: